1000x Leads is a 120 Day Program

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$4,000 For 12 Months
One-on-One Consulting
Step-By-Step 120 Day Plan

You Will Build This Funnel

The entire program is focused on one deliverable: building this funnel. It is meant to be done in 120 days, but you will have access to the program for a full year.

The Problems You'll Solve

These problems hurt B2B businesses both big and small. They are not revenue-specific. However, they need to be solved if you want to scale.


No One Knows Who You Are

The first problem is obvious. If people don't know who you are, they cannot buy from you. That is always the first step and this problem precedes the other problems.


Not Enough Leads

Just because people know who you are doesn't necessarily mean they are becoming leads. Without systems to capture, nurture and qualify lead at scale, you will not grow.


All Clients Come From Referrals

Getting referrals is a good thing because it means you do good work, but relying solely on referrals is not. We do not want to be at the mercy of someone else.


No Offers For Unqualified Leads

99% of leads you generate from ads, content, etc. will be unqualified and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. But, if you don't have something to offer them, you will be wasting 99% of leads.

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