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You Will Build This Funnel

The entire program is focused on one deliverable: building this funnel. It is meant to be done in 120 days, but you will have access to the program for a full year.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, here are some answers

Will this work for my business/niche?

This will work in any B2B niche and for any B2B service. Not to worry, we will help you apply it to whatever type of clients you serve.

How much of this can/should I outsource?

The bulk of this needs to be done by you, the founder.

But, there are certain things like the setups and menial tasks that you can get your team or a VA to do.
There are great instructions for how to do this, and links to external instructions too.

It will be easy for even a low-level/newer employee or VA to do.

Cold email address setup
DNS setup for cold email domains
Newsletter setup
Scraping email lists
Building landing pages (with templates of course)

To summarize, about 80% you will have to do yourself as the owner, and 20% you can outsource or get your team to handle.

It all sounds good but what if I don't have time?

If you think this sounds good, makes sense, and would benefit your business but you worry that you don't have time to dedicate an hour per day for 120 days to set it all up, you can confidently determine that the biggest problem is yourself and your excuses.

Do I have to come on all the calls?

No, you do not.

I would estimate that over 80% of people do not regularly attend the calls.

There is no extreme benefit to attending any of the calls. They are all recorded and you will be sent the reply, and any questions can be asked directly in your private Slack Channel.

How many people from my team can join the Slack?

You can have up to three people from your team (including you) join the Slack and come on the calls.

Any more than that will be $50/mo per person.

Is there a minimum revenue to qualify?

This program is not for anyone doing under $10,000 per month. It will be as applicable and important to those doing $10,000 per month as it will be to those doing $1 million per month.

But this program will not teach you a single thing about how to start an agency or get it off the ground.

It is for people who already are making money.