Build a Lead Gen Funnel That Converts Cold Traffic

No more relying solely on referrals. 1000x Leads helps agencies & B2B businesses build a complete lead gen funnel to drive traffic, capture leads, and convert them at scale.

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The Four Problems That Kill B2B Businesses

These problems hurt B2B businesses both big and small. They are not revenue-specific. However, they need to be solved if you want to scale.


No One Knows Who You Are

The first problem is obvious. If people don't know who you are, they cannot buy from you. That is always the first step and this problem precedes the other problems.


Not Enough Leads

Just because people know who you are doesn't necessarily mean they are becoming leads. Without systems to capture, nurture and qualify lead at scale, you will not grow.


All Clients Come From Referrals

Getting referrals is a good thing because it means you do good work, but relying solely on referrals is not. We do not want to be at the mercy of someone else.


No Offers For Unqualified Leads

99% of leads you generate from ads, content, etc. will be unqualified and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. But, if you don't have something to offer them, you will be wasting 99% of leads.

The 1000x Leads Funnel

It is not a coincidence that the funnel we build in the 1000x Leads Program solves all four of these problems. In fact, it is the opposite. It is specifically designed to do so. We will help you put it all together.

About 1000x Leads

The purpose of 1000x Leads is to build a full marketing funnel that solves all four of these problems, and to do it in the fastest, and most effective way possible.

An Exact 120-Day Plan

The problem with the 1000x Leads Funnel is it is very sophisticated and can seem overwhelming.

And guess what? It would be without someone guiding you through its creation.

We have broken down the construction and simplified it into 120-days of tasks in a Trello Board where you can simply follow along.

Expert Feedback

You may be able to build the funnel piece by piece just by watching our YouTube videos (but probably not).

It isn't so much about every single individual part, but how they all work together. Without the entire funnel working together, you will not be living up to your funnel potential.

We give you daily one-on-one feedback about each part of your funnel as well as how it is looking as a whole.

Daily Live Calls

There are live calls every day from Monday to Friday. These are interactive calls with information that no one else will ever tell you (because they do not know it).

On these calls, we will show you what to do, and plan out pieces of your funnel for you so you know you are always on the right path.

Why 1000x Leads Works

1000x Leads has helped so many agencies and B2B business owners build a complete funnel and massively increase their results because of six main reasons


Build a Complete Funnel

We will show you how to build a complete funnel that does not rely on tricks, trends or referrals.


Save Years of Testing

We have taken a funnel that would take years to build on your own and condense it into a 120-day build


One-on-One Feedback

The easiest way to make rapid progress it to get real-time feedback from those who have done it before.



One of the best things 1000x Leads does is it holds you accountable and ensures you follow through.


World-Class Live Calls

The information on our live calls is not available on YouTube or Google or from the average consultant.


Templates & Frameworks

There are a few dozen templates and frameworks for ads, cold email, VSLs, websites, and much more.

1000x Leads Client Reviews

Read some reviews from happy clients who have gone through the 1000x Leads Program

How 1000x Leads Works

Here is how joining and completing 1000x Leads works from start to finish


Book a Call or Sign Up Directly

The first step to joining 1000x Leads is to either book a call with Matt or if you're sure, you can sign up directly. The onboarding is automatic either way.

Sign up here (link)



After you pay, you will automatically receive your Onboarding Package. You will gain access to the Slack, The Trello, The Daily Live Calls, the templates, the assets and all the rest.


Complete Daily Tasks

The funnel is meant to be build in 120-days, but you have a year's worth of access. The daily tasks are meant to be done in just one hour, which leaves you plenty of time for the rest of your work.


Ask For Feedback

As you go through the tasks, you can ask for feedback on lead magnets, newsletters, ads, cold email scripts, webinars, sales, operations, and anything you want. This will be one-on-one in your private channel.


Build Out a Complete Funnel

By the end of 120 days, you will have built out your complete funnel. Never again will you worry about your pipeline and never again will you rely strictly on networking and referrals. You will generate your own leads and convert cold traffic.


Grow Your Business

After you have built the funnel, you will have solved all of the four programs that hold businesses back. Without these bottlenecks, you are free to grow and scale as big as you want.

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