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Hello, my name is Matthew Larsen...

And this my business partner, Leo Moore

We are the founders of 1000x Leads

1000x Leads is a B2B Lead Generation Program with over 175 clients...

In over 35 countries...

In over 120 different niches.

They range from $10k/mo…

All the way up to multi eight-figure businesses.

Our clients are currently doing over $265 million per year in combined revenue

Everything you'll get has worked for me...

Our clients inside 1000x Leads...

And will work for you too.

So, whether you are a beginner looking to get your first five clients...

Or an expert looking to get your next 50...

1000x Leads will help get you there

In fact, you are inside the 1000x Leads funnel right now...

So there's your proof of concept

I would like to show you how 1000x Leads...

Could be a potential 400x ROI for you...

Based on the actual data, logic and surveys from our clients

If that sounds interesting to you...

Keep reading below

đź“Ł ABOUT 1000X LEADSđź“Ł

The Agency Model Is The #1 Model In The World...If

The agency model is the best business model in the world, but only if you are in the Top 0.1%.

If not, then it is rather shitty. No one, including me, is going to deny that.

The reason that it is the best business model in the world (assuming you are in the top 0.1%) is that no other business model will help you simultaneously:

1. Have a great personal income
2. Have enterprise value that you could sell one day
3. Develop a variety of different skills, including ads, content, training employees and creating systems.

Let's Prove That This Is True

Let's take a look at other business models:

1. Affiliate marketing will lead to a great personal income but in most cases, won't lead to any enterprise value.

2. SaaS will lead to huge enterprise value but you will be broke during the process.

3. Ecommerce will neither lead to a great personal income or much enterprise value. It might have in the past, but it is getting harder and harder with each passing year.

4. If you are an investment banker or management consultant, you may get a good personal income, but you aren't building anything that you can sell.

5. If you are a creator, you may be able to get a good income or build some enterprise value, but you will never develop the skills needed in other parts of the business.

If You Are Already In The Agency Space, Never Doubt Your Decision

If you are currently operating an agency, or looking to start one, do not fear.

You are in the right space.

If it doesn't feel like it, that is because you are not doing the right things.

The good news is that you can quickly learn.

The Three Things That Determine Agency Success

The three main things that will determine your success are:

1. You
2. Your offer
3. Your funnel

One of these will always be the constraint. Once you figure it out and remove the constraint, you will experience the next period of growth in your business.

Then, you will hit another constraint.

Then, you will solve it.

Then you will grow even more.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It doesn't take much, before you will find yourself in the Top 0.1% of agencies, and then you will understand everything I am talking about here.

For most people, they are the problem. They cannot focus. They do not have a plan. They lack the skills. The lack the work ethic.

For others, their offer is the problem. It is quite simply not very good, and not very desirable.

For the rest, their funnel is the problem. They do not have a predictable and scalable way to get leads.

1000x Leads addresses all three of these problems. You will become better. You will build a better offer. You will build a complete lead generation funnel.

$1 Million Per Year or More In Take Home Profit

(While Getting an ROI Within 30 Days)

The purpose of 1000x Leads is very simple.

It is to help you build an agency that does over $1 million per year in actual profit, not revenue.

1. Help you undergo a complete transformation in terms of focus, work ethic, skill development, and mentality.

2. Help you create a truly irresistible offer that will set your target market on fire.

3. Help you create a full lead gen funnel with multiple ways to get clients, and multiple revenue streams.

4. Give you the systems you need to scale your business (operations, financial, employee training, planning, and metric tracking)

5. Give you real-time feedback and hold you accountable. We have over 200 clients doing over $300,000,000 per year in combined revenue.

The Short Game & The Long Game

The ultimate goal is to build an agency that gets $1 million per year or more in take-home profit, but what about the short term?

The first 30 days of 1000x Leads are focused on getting you an immediate ROI.

1. Our Financial Tracking System will help you catch unnecessary expenses and save money.
2. Our Operations System will help you streamline your operations, allowing you to get more done with less.

3. Our Employee Training System

4. Our Productivity System

5. Our Planning System

6. Our Follow Up & Appointment Setting Scripts

7. Our Sales Presentation Framework

8. Create Your Content Plan

9. Set Up Your Cold Emails

10. Create Your First Lead Magnet

Implementing the 1000x Leads Funnel and systems is a long-term plan, but you will have a return on your investment within 30 days or less.

When You Don't Have The Right Systems, It Is Like Running On A Treadmill

If you had the right offers, systems, habits and funnel, you would already be in the Top 0.1% and would have no need for this. But, you don't, right? You are on this page for a reason.

Unless you have the right offer, systems, habits and funnel, operating your agency is like running a treadmill. You will be working very hard, but you will not be going anywhere.

This is a very discouraging feeling that every agency owner has experienced at some point.

If You Were Capable of Making $1 Million Per Year With Your Agency, You Would've Already Done So

This is a very important thing for all of us to accept.

If we were capable of achieving our goals, we would've already done so. But, we are not, so we haven't.

The moment we accept this fact is the moment we begin on the path to making real change.

The Situation For The Average Agency Owner

Here is a description of the average agency:

1. Nothing unique about the offer. All of their competitors can do the same thing for the same price with just as good results.

2. Almost all clients come from referrals. This is a good sign but it is out of our control and we cannot scale a business like that.

3. Little to no content. No valuable Twitter or LinkedIn posts. No YouTube presence. Newsletter sent out once per month or once per quarter (if at all).

4. Can't get cold email to work.
Not getting any positive replies or meetings, or not doing cold email altogether.

5. Can't get ads to work.
Not getting any meetings or all of the meetings are with garbage leads, or not doing ads altogether.

6. Nothing to offer unqualified leads (99% of the market).
The only offer they have is their main recurring service, and if they can't afford that, then there is nothing else to buy.

7. No systematic way to hire and train employees.
Hard time hiring, and getting enough value out of their employees. Too much time spent babysitting and fixing mistakes that could be used to grow the business.

8. Don't even know their exact net margin because of a lack of financial system.
Likely spend a lot more than they think, and usually also make less than they think, but they have no way of knowing because they don't track it in real-time.
9. Operations are a mess and a huge cause of fear in terms of growth. No system, no plan, no SOPs, no training, no way to put it all together and get a consistent result for their clients every month.

10. Don't know or track any important metrics.
What is their 180 day LTV? What is their CAC? What is their LTV: CAC Ratio? What is their close rate? How many meetings do they schedule? The answer is all the same, "I have no idea." And they have no idea, because they do not track it.

This is what happens when you do not have the systems you need.

If You Aren't Growing, It Is Because You Do Not Deserve To Grow

This is one of the most important things to get through a person's mind.

"My agency is not growing."

"Well, do you have a lead gen funnel?"


"Do you run ads?


"Do you post content?"


"Do you do cold email?"


"Do you try to partner with other businesses and refer back and forth?"

"Do you have any lead magnets or conversion mechanisms?


"Do you have an employee training system?


"Do you have an operations system?"

"Yeah, but it is not very good."

"What's your net margin and LTV?"

"No idea, never tracked it."

"Do you have an intro offer?"

"No, what's that?"

It is not hard to see why the average agency doesn't succeed.

Why not just do it yourself?

It is possible to build out this system just by following Matt's YouTube videos, but it will take years of trial and error, refinement, and probably cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Why would you want to do that instead of doing it in four months for a fraction of the price?

If you’re going to do it, it would be illogical to make it take 10x as long and cost 10x as much.

Why not hire someone to do it for you?

To build this out, it takes time, the correct expertise and high standards.

There is almost no situation where you can hire someone who has all three.

It is simply not possible to get someone to do this for you completely. That is why it is a done-with-you program. Not because we don’t want to do it for you, but because it is not possible.

Trying to get someone to do it for you is a symptom of improper thinking and a lack of responsibility.

Everything good has a cost in life, and if you want it, you will have to pay the price.

Why not join a different program?

If you’ve read up to this point, you can probably tell that this is the right choice.

There is no other program designed to help you grow to $100k, $200k, $500k or past $1 million per month. None of the others have actually operated an agency at this level. To do so, you will need the following things:

- A complete funnel
- Irresistible offer
- All the systems (operations, financial, employee training, planning, etc.
- Behavior change

1000x Leads addresses all four and gives you exact plans, steps and frameworks to follow to achieve all.

The results you can expect

There are 10 core results inside 1000x Leads, each worth the price of admission on their own.

You will get everything you need to go from where you are now to $1 million per year in take-home profit.

1. You will have a real lead generation funnel that converts cold traffic which means you will never have to rely on referral ever again.

2. You will have multiple revenue streams for your business which means it will be more stable, scalable, and more valuable if you were to sell it one day.

3. You will have higher margins (operations system) which means you will be able to afford better employees who will help you grow instead of being a burden.

4. You have a true employee training system which means you will always be able to take on more work without sacrificing quality.

5. You will have an ad funnel that actually works which means you will be able to get as many customers as you can handle.

6. You will have a cold email system that actually works which means you will have a way to get a lot of customers for cheap.

7. Your content will lead to you being sought after by clients, instead of the other way around which means you can charge whatever you want.

8. You will have a financial system which means you will always identify unnecessary expenses, can pull up your net margins within 30 seconds, and never have to worry about having enough cash to scale.

9. You will have a truly irresistible offer which means it will be much easier to sell and you will generate way more leads.

10. You will have a killer appointment setting, nurturing and sales system which means you will book more meetings and your close rate will be higher than ever before.

The risks of 1000x Leads

The risks and downsides of joining 1000x Leads are nothing in comparison to the risks of doing nothing at all.

- Building the 1000x Leads system takes a lot of time and effort, but it will work better than anything you’ve ever tried in your life.

- Building the 1000x Leads system takes focus, consistency and a strong work ethic, but that means your competitors won’t want to build it for themselves.

- Building the 1000x Leads system will get you tons of clients and delivering results for all of those clients can be stressful, but our operations system will help you systematize and streamline operations to ensure you can handle anything that comes your way.

- Building the 1000x Leads system will get you so many clients that you need to hire and train new employees which can be time consuming and challenging on its own, but our training system will help you attract, filter, hire, onboard and train new employees in an automated and systematic way.

- Once you have built the 1000x Leads system, you will need to operate and manage it which can take time, attention and effort, but we will give you pre-made trainings to cover all of the operations of the funnel so your employees can learn what to do and handle it without you having to bend over backwards training them yourself. 

The cost of 1000x Leads (400x ROI Potential)

1000x Leads is a one-time payment of $4,000 USD for 12 months of access. This averages out to just $333 per month.

Is it worth it to pay just over $10 per day to receive all of the plans, feedback, offers and systems to get to $1 million per year in take home profit?

That is for you to decide.

Compare the cost to the potential reward when you succeed with the 1000x Leads system. These numbers are based on survey results with our clients: 

1. 1000x Leads Funnel ($532,000 Value)

2. Offer Creation ($408,000 Value)

3. Exact Plan ($60,000+ Value)

4. Real-Time Feedback ($14,600+ Value)

5. Community ($30,000+ Value)

6. Live Calls ($78,000 Value)
7. Accountability ($20,000 Value)

8. Operations System ($45,000 Value)

9. Financial System ($12,000+ Value)

10. Productivity System ($210,000 Value)

11. The Exact Trainings For All Six Roles To Operate The Funnel ($30,000 Value)
12. Employee Training System ($73,800 Value)
13. Planning System ($24,960 Value)

14. Vetted Freelancers ($14,680 Value)

15. Templates, Assets, Frameworks ($67,800 Value)

= $1,620,840 in total value

How long will this take?

You will build out the entire 1000x Leads funnels and systems you need to operate it in 120 days.

- Every task is laid out step by step

- It is meant to be done in one hour per day so you have time to do everything else you need to do

- It is meant to be done Monday to Friday, giving you the weekends off

- If you do more than one hour per day, you will get it done faster. The fastest anyone has ever done it was in 36 days.

- If you do less than one hour per day or you skip a few days, you will get it done slower. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you get a full year of access when you join.

The 120-day roadmap

The definition of success is whether or not you build the entire 1000x Leads Funnel. If you build it out, then you have succeeded.

That is the end goal, but here is a monthly roadmap (each number corresponds to what you will have done after each month)

The Entire Funnel Build

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4


If you join 1000x Leads, here is what you'll get...

1. 1000x Leads Funnel ($532,000 Value)

You will build an infinitely scalable lead generation funnel that doesn’t rely on referrals or networking. 

In a study of 55 clients, we found that on average, they added $44,355 per month in revenue six months after joining 1000x Leads. 

This means that on average, this funnel is worth $532,000 to a B2B business, which is a 100x return on investment.

2. Offer Creation ($408,000 Value)

You will create an irresistible intro offer that will make it easier to generate more leads, book more calls, and make more sales.

In the same study of 55 clients, we found that they averaged 13.6 sales per month of their intro offer, at an average of $2,500 each. 

This means that on an annual basis, their intro offer made them an extra $408,000.

3. Exact Plan ($60,000+ Value)

You will save tens of thousands of dollars in time and money following our exact plan as opposed to trying to figure it out on your own.

We will help you build this funnel in roughly 120 hours whereas for most people, it takes 1,,500 - 2,000 hours in trial and error to figure out ads, cold email, content, partnerships, email flows, lead magnets, and more.

This means that if it saves you 1,500 hours and you take home just $40 per hour, you will be saving $60,000 worth of time, and that doesn’t even take into account the money you will save testing.

4. Real-Time Feedback ($14,600+ Value)

You will get one-on-one feedback from someone who has had an eight-figure agency exit before on things like ads, content, cold email, lead magnets, newsletters, email flows, offers and more.

An example of the value here is that if you spend $36,500 on ads per year at $5 cost per lead (7,300 total leads) and Matt can help you bring that done to $3 cost per lead, you would only need to pay $21,900 for the same number of leads.

This means that the feedback in this example would be worth $14,600.
(This doesn’t even take into account the value of feedback on the other 26 parts of the funnel.)

5. Community ($30,000+ Value)

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. The average client in our community does between $500,000 and $5,000,000 per year in revenue.

If you are in that range, you will be in good company. If you are trying to get to that range, even better.

One client recently formed a referral partnership with another in the community and has gotten over $30,000 worth of referrals in just 45 days.

Another client received a piece of advice for their workflow from another client in the community that saved them over $90,000 in wasted time/wages.

This means that through a combination of ideas and partnerships, you could get tens of thousands of dollars in value from the community.

6. Live Calls ($78,000 Value)

You will get access to our daily live calls. From Monday to Thursday, these calls will go over real-life examples of how you would implement the 1000x Leads Funnel. Friday’s call is an open office hour where you can come on and ask questions.

Matt charges $1,750 per hour for his time. Leo charges $750 per hour. 

With two calls with Matt and three calls with Leo for 52 weeks (one hour each), this is over $390,000 calls over the course of a year. 

This means that if you show up to just one per week, that $78,000 worth of calls over the course of a year.

7. Accountability ($20,000 Value)

You will get four forms of accountability when you join 1000x Leads.

1. Accountability that comes with paying for something. 
2. Accountability from Matt and Leo.
3. Accountability from the community.
4. Accountability from the exact plan

.If the combination of these things made you 20% more effective and you earned just $100,000 per year, this increase is worth $20,000.

This means that you will be more likely to follow through and do what you need to do, and the increase in effectiveness from this could be worth tens of thousands of more to you.

8. Operations System ($45,000 Value)

You will get our B2B operations system. By implementing this operations system, the average client saves their team 125 hours per month at an average hourly rate of $30/hour (blended).
This means that the average person will save $3,750 per month, just by implementing this system, for a total of $45,000 per year.

(Not only this, but it will give you the confidence needed to scale)

9. Financial System ($12,000+ Value)

You will get access to our B2B tracking and financial system. Everyone always spends more and earns less than they think, and very few can pull up their exact net margins and profit and loss statement within 30 seconds.

An example of the value is that just recently, a client implemented our financial system and found over $4,200 in recurring costs that they didn’t need anymore. They were able to get rid of these, and saved more in the first 30 days than it cost to join 1000x Leads.

This means that if our financial system was able to save you just $1,000 per month by identifying unnecessary costs (less than average), it will be able to save you $12,000 per year.

10. Productivity System ($210,000 Value)

You will get access to our productivity and work system. In the survey of 55 clients (from above), 91% of them said the productivity system was the best part.

Through a combination of planning, schedule, habits, and environment changes, the average person in the survey reported getting 3.1x as much output done as they did before.

This means that if your time is worth just $50 per hour coming into 1000x Leads, and you get 3.1x more done, and work an average of 2,000 hours per year, you would be getting $210,000 more work done.

11. Trainings For All Six Roles Needed To Operate The Funnel ($30,000 Value)

You will get access to our in-house training for the six roles you need to operate the 1000x Leads Funnel once you build it.

1. Running paid ads
2. Creating content
3. Inbox management for cold emails
4. Newsletter writing
5. Appointment setting
6. Sales

It takes on average, over 100 hours to learn, test, refine, and launch a high quality training that can take someone from “zero to 100” at a specific task.

Six trainings, 100 hours saved each, 600 hours total saved. If your hourly take home pay is $50 per hour, that is worth $30,000 to you.

This means you don’t have to worry about how to operate the funnel once you create it, nor waste any time making training for your employees.

12. Employee Training System ($73,800 Value)

The number one hurdle for growing a service business is your employees, and is something a lot of people struggle with.

This isn’t a tech program. With serviced based B2B businesses, you typically cannot hire the best of the best. There are not the margins to do so.

Instead, you must learn to train.

The average client in 1000x Leads has 4.1 team members (not including VAs or overseas talent).If these team members earn an average of $60,000 per year, and our employee training system will help you get 30% more “value” out of them per year, that is an extra $18,000 of value per employee.

This means that for the average client who has 4.1 employees, this system is worth $73,800 to them in increased effectiveness from their employees.

13. Planning System ($24,960 Value)

You will get access to our long-term planning system.

The number one reason for procrastination is a lack of clarity. This solves that for both you and your team.

On average for a team of four (from feedback from clients), they save 3.2 hours per day in communication, confusion, and lack of work being done.

At a blended rate of $30 per hour, that is $96 per day in savings. With 260 work days per year multiplied by $96 per day, that $24,960 in savings.

This means that you will save more and more money in lost time as your team grows.

14. Vetted Freelancers ($14,680 Value)

There are several things you can outsource for your 1000x Leads funnel:

- Thumbnails
- Editing
- Cold email setup
- Inbox management
- Design
- Ad creatives
- Automations
- Appointment Setting

We have contacts and connections with freelancers we have used and trust for each role. 

For example, most people will charge you at least $2,500 for cold email setup. We have a freelancer who will charge you $300. That is $2,200 less for the same thing

Others will charge you $100 per thumbnail. Ours will charge $20. If you post three YouTube videos per week (156 per year), that is $12,480 in savings (with probably better performance too).

This means you will not have to sort through tons of freelancers and waste your time until you find the right one.

15. Templates, Assets, Frameworks ($67,800 Value)

You will get access to templates, assets and frameworks for:

- Paid ads
- Written content (Twitter, LinkedIn)
- YouTube Videos
- Short Form Videos
- Cold Emails
- Partnership pitches and presentations
- Lead Magnets
- Opt In Pages
- Thank You Pages
- Email Flows
- Paid Products
- VSLs
- Webinar
- Live Workshops
- Communities
-Appointment Setting
- Follow Ups
- Sales Letters
- Value Stacks
- Case Studies
- Testimonials
- Offers

And much more

You will be able to do a lot of stuff that you would have had to hire someone to do. You will also have a lot of success with things you didn’t before

For example, if our cold email frameworks actually work (when yours didn’t) and you get one client per month from them at $3,000 each, that is $36,000 per year.

Apply that same math to our ads, that is another $36,000 minus $1,000 CPA per client, for a total of $24,000.Then, if you had to pay $50 for a thumbnail and post three times per week, that's another $7,800 per year in savings.

This is not including any of the other templates, assets or frameworks.

This means that through a combination of increased effectiveness and templates that will save you time and money, these are worth at least $67,800 to you over the course of a year.

Add All Of These Things Together

- 1000x Leads Funnel ($532,000 Value)
- Offer Creation ($408,000 Value)
- Exact Plan ($60,000+ Value)
- Real-Time Feedback ($14,600+ Value)
- Community ($30,000+ Value)
- Live Calls ($78,000 Value)
- Accountability ($20,000 Value)
- Operations System ($45,000 Value)
- Financial System ($12,000+ Value)
- Productivity System ($210,000 Value)
- The Exact Trainings For All Six Roles To Operate The Funnel ($30,000 Value)
- Employee Training System ($73,800 Value)
- Planning System ($24,960 Value)
- Vetted Freelancers ($14,680 Value)
- Templates, Assets, Frameworks ($67,800 Value)

= $1,620,840 in total value

Our Clients

Client Wins

See some wins and feedback from inside 1000x Leads. There are hundreds of new client wins per month and more and more with each passing day.

Client Reviews

Lead Gen Masterclass

Here are 12 free videos going over everything you need to know about lead gen and how to run a successful B2B service company. You won't need to pay for any courses or search anywhere else. This is it.

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